I run XDarwin.. and nothing happens.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    So I've installed XFree86 4.4.0 on Mac OS X Panther... when I start XDarwin either via the icon or via the terminal.. nothing happens.  I get the prompt again.  Its as if it starts and immediately quits.  I've played around with the xinitrc files to see if that was the problem, but nothing I do seems to effect it.  Any ideas?

    • Torrey T. Lyons

      Torrey T. Lyons - 2004-08-18

      To diagnose this we need a copy of the console log and/or XDarwin crash log (if one is generated). If XDarwin quits without any particular problems reported, it is likely because your .xinitrc is improperly written. Make sure the last command executed does not have a "&" after it.


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