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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have been having some problems running X11 while **logged in under >console mode** in OSX.

    1. I used to be able to type something like "startx" in the command line and that would start up X11. That no longer works since I reinstalled it on a new HD. Am I forgetting something? I found some stuff in my /usr/x11r6, but those just open a gray screen with the X-shaped cursor; no terminals windows open and I cant get out.

    2. How do I get out of X11 and continue startup to MacOSX. "Exit" and "logout" works fine in the normal >console mode command line, but not in the X11 terminals. If I logout or exit in X11, I'm left with a gray screen with the X-shaped cursor. I then end up having to press the restart button.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      do you have your own .xinitrc or are you using the default?

      if you have your own .xinitrc, what is the program (X11 app) you are using to hold X up?  is it possible this app is not visisible on your screen (possibly off the visible desktop)?

      before exiting your last xterm, do a 'ps aux' to see what processes are running that may be X11 apps connected to your Xserver. 


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