Rehashing "unable to display" Issues

  • ZenosParadox

    ZenosParadox - 2006-11-04

       I recognize this issue has been tackled before.  However, I have had no success following their instructions, and I was hoping someone could guide me through this.
       Situation: I am a new, OS X, user of unix.  I have downloaded & installed XDarwin successfully.  (I can open a new window using "xterm" just fine).
       Goal: I would like to run a program from a very remote server in a visual manner.  Specifically, I would like to run Stata through X Darwin. 
        Problem:  I get an issue with "unable to open display."

    (Note that I use bash in my personal computer, and tsch when I've logged on.  Also note that <"my ip address"> is actually a number, I haven't simply copied other people's censored value)

    My steps:
    1.  Open xdarwin.
    2.  xhost +
    3.  export DISPLAY=<my ip address>:0.0
    4.  ssh -X (username@remotemachine).
    5.  setenv DISPLAY <my ip address>:0.0
    6.  xterm

    It is at this point that I get the message
    "xterm Xt error: Can't open display: <my ip address>:0.0"

       I seem to have gone into /etc/ssh_config before and made it such that X11 forwarding is enabled.  (I think ssh -X is redundant with that?).  Is there anything anyone thinks I should do such that my display will open?  I recognize some of my steps may be redundant.  (Like my double exporting/setenv my DISPLAY variable). 
      I appreciate any help you can give me

    • Martin Costabel

      Martin Costabel - 2006-11-05

      Here is the standard procedure:

      Make sure that on the remote machine in /etc/sshd_config, you have

      X11Forwarding yes

      Forget steps 2 and 5.
      Also make sure that *no* tcsh startup script on the remote machine sets DISPLAY.
      Instead of step 3, use "export DISPLAY=:0.0"
      If you are on MacOSX 10.4, then instead of step 4, use "ssh -Y (username@remotemachine)"


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