How is Xdarwin supposed to work

  • karz123

    karz123 - 2004-08-28

    I started Xdarwin on my OSX labtop. When I ssh into the labtop and run a program, the splash screen of the program starts to run on the client mac and nothing else happens, but the process never crashed throughout the process on either client or server. It seems as thouhg both the client and the server are running part of the program. How do I setup XDarwin to run as a full x windows sevrer. Thankx.

    • Torrey T. Lyons

      Torrey T. Lyons - 2004-09-08

      The easiest way to start the X server is just to double click the XDarwin icon in /Applications from the Finder. After it has started you will get a number of xterms on the screen in the default configuration.

      >How do I setup XDarwin to run as a full x windows sevrer.

      If you quit XDarwin and erase your ~/Library/Preferences/org.xfree86.XDarwin.plist file you will get the default preferences the next time you start. With the default preferences you will get an option when you start of running full screen.


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