Xrender in Xfre86 4.3.0

Eric Hoch
  • Eric Hoch

    Eric Hoch - 2003-04-05

    I downloaded the currently avaible Xfree86.org 4.3.0 Darwin-ppc-6.x binaries and installed them with the xinstall.sh script and everythink works fine and up to now no problems with it. Operating System is Mac OS X 10.2.4

    But over the last days I recognized that if I start the programs manually over the command line and not out of the start menu of the blackbox-wm some give me a message:
    Display can do XRender, but not installed.
    Please install for improved display performance.

    I searched in this forum and in other newsgroups but I didn't find any hint on how to install XRender. 
    Up to now I only figured out that I need a XRender, a xft and s third library installed but these libraries are currently not installed on my Mac.

    So the questions I have are:
    Are they not installed by default or aren't they avaible for Darwin?
    If they are avaible for Darwin could someone please tell me how to get them installed. Maybe I am only to blind to see.

    • Torrey T. Lyons

      Torrey T. Lyons - 2003-04-06

      I'm not sure what this message means exactly. Saying the "Display can do XRender" is saying the X server supports the RENDER extension. In /usr/X11R6/lib you should have the following Xrender libraries if you did a full install:


      Perhaps, what the message means is that the binaries you are running were not built to use these libraries and you should rebuild them.

    • Eric Hoch

      Eric Hoch - 2003-04-06

      First, thanks, that helped me.
      I now know where the binaries are laying and that they are present on my Mac and that the Xfree86 Installation is not the problem.
      But still I am confused. Do I understand the message right in that way that these programs try to get XRender support on my DISPLAY enviroment but they can't because they don't find my XRender libraries and therefore bring an error message sayingt that I don't have XRender installed?
      Any other suggestions?
      I think I contact the builder of the application or  do some more rtfm.


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