Rootless mode - some questions

  • Marcus Palliger

    Marcus Palliger - 2001-07-18

    Great work on the Rootless mode.

    Just one question though: some window managers have menus which can be accessed by clicking on the background. Is here some way to implement this in rootless mode?

    Also, some things hide behind the menu bar. Is it possible to make the screen usable by X start below the menu bar?

    Last of all, When using twm, when dragging windows, the frame doesn't move, like it does under normal X.

    but once again, thanks for the great work!

    • Greg Parker

      Greg Parker - 2001-07-18

      Window manager menus: there's currently no way to access them in rootless mode. (Unless you have three real mouse buttons, in which case a middle or right click on the menu bar will pop them up, behind the menu bar.)

      Mac menu bar: Right now there's no way to move X11 below the menu bar, but if you press your full-screen switch key (command-option-A by default) it will toggle the menu bar and Dock.

      twm window drag (and placement): twm draws the window outline directly on the X11 root window (basically the desktop window) which doesn't exist in rootless mode. A special root window was implemented in the 0.5 rootless patch, but it hasn't been put back yet because of technical difficulties, and it makes Classic unusable when it's active.

      • Paul Bayley

        Paul Bayley - 2001-07-19

        If you use wmaker you can hit F12 to bring up the menu then click on it to make it stick.

    • Owain Vaughan

      Owain Vaughan - 2001-07-19

      Obviously the twm frame outline not moving is annoying, so I attempted to compile XView (and hence olwm) but haven't got very far yet. Does anyone have a list of precompiled window managers?

    • Patrik Montgomery

      I've seen fvwm1, fvwm2, Windowmaker, Xfce and Enlightenment. Try these sites:

      You'll have to click around a bit, I don't have exact links. Note that fvwm won't work without a rc file, which was not included with my binary. There are sample rc-files at

      • db

        db - 2001-07-27

        I've been clicking around more than my fair share of clicks on without finding any example rc-files;-) A direct link would be much appreciated...


        • Patrik Montgomery

          I can understand that, it took me 15 minutes to find the stuff again. Anyway, here it is:

          (to ge there, you'd go to downloads, "latest cvs source via ftp" and the sample directory)

          Anyway, here's a program that claims to be able to generate dotfiles:

          Haven't tested it, but I've been meaning to for a while. I'll get around to it, but I you decide to try it, post your exeriences.

    • Michael Murray

      Michael Murray - 2001-07-28

      One way to get around this which may not appeal as it sort of defeats the point of being rootless is to use xvnc from

      this way you can run a vnc viewer so all your X stuff is in one aqua window. 

      I wonder if this would be a good intermediate possibility to offer in XFree between full screen and rootless you could have everything in an aqua window.


    • Don MacQueen

      Don MacQueen - 2001-08-04

      A partial work-around for the missing frame problem with twm is to put
      in your .twmrc file. Then you'll see the whole window move. Howver, still no frame when re-sizing.


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