gparker: I hope your patch gets merged soon!!

  • Paul Bayley

    Paul Bayley - 2001-05-23

    DISASTER: Qt has been proted to OS X by Troll Tech! Now we have apps which appear to be mac apps, but are in fact Qt apps. I thought the Aqua L&F plugin for Swing was bad, this is much, much worse.

    If rootless X11 is merged perhaps we can head off ports of GTK+, GNOME, and other HI chaos monstrosities.

    • Simon Kornblith

      Simon Kornblith - 2001-05-24

      GNOME is already available with Fink...

      There are a few bugs, but I have them working in if I can only manage to get rootless X to work...

      • Martin Costabel

        Martin Costabel - 2001-05-25

        My experiences are complementary: While I did not manage to compile gnome wiht Fink, I have rootless XDarwin working just fine.

        The problem with the rootless patch is that it does not apply to recent checkouts of the xfree86 CVS sources. If you want to apply gparker's patches, you have to checkout/update older versions of the CVS tree, -D"2001-05-06" will do.

        After some tweaking, I have now also a version of gparker's patches that work with new CVS checkouts/updates, for example with the "-rxf-4_1-branch" tag (should also work with yesterday's HEAD). If anyone wants to try it out, it is at http://www.maths.univ-rennes1/~costabel/macosx/xf-4_1-rootless.patch.gz

        Warning: it reverts some of the changes of the last 2 weeks, in particular the move from cfb to fb in hw/darwin/darwin.c

    • Martin Costabel

      Martin Costabel - 2001-05-25

      Sorry, here is the address again, hopefully right this time:


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