10.1 reflections

  • Patrik Montgomery

    After three hours, I finally got 10.1 working. Remember that Clean Install feature in 9 and below? Remember how nice it was not to have to reformat the main partition when things went wrong. Oh well, I've been meaning to reinstall XFree anyway...

    First up: Isn't moving windows a lot slower or is it just my machine?

    Second: It seems Apple has removed /usr/X11R6/bin from the default path - or maybe it's just because I haven't got the developer tools in yet. In any case, by default I can't double-click XDarwin, and I know I could do that without modifying the PATH with 10.0.4 and XDarwin 1.0a2.

    And could someone please make my Finder stop restarting all the time? Only program that crashes, but it's a fairly fundamental one...

    • Greg Parker

      Greg Parker - 2001-10-04

      Moving which windows? Aqua? XDarwin fullscreen? XDarwin rootless?

      Apple never put /usr/X11R6/bin in the PATH. A change in XDarwin 1.0a2 made setting the PATH in login scripts required for XDarwin to start. This wasn't necessary in 1.0a1.

    • Patrik Montgomery

      XDarwin rootless windows move slower and jerkier. Haven't tried full screen yet, it was pretty late last night before I got 10.1 working.

      I've always had /usr/X11R6/bin in my path, and I was pretty sure I hadn't modified the path, but if you're sure...

    • Anonymous - 2001-10-05

      I had the same problem after updating to 10.1. The installer change the replace the "login" file.

    • Patrik Montgomery

      Ouch! Full screen is even slower. I also tried different wms, but that didn't seem to have any effect.

      And what is this new SourceForge thing about doubleposting? Any way to disable it?

      • Greg Parker

        Greg Parker - 2001-10-06

        What video hardware do you have? The only thing I can think of is that 10.1's video driver for your card isn't as good as 10.0 (at least for the operations XDarwin uses). XDarwin itself hasn't changed anything.

        The "double-post" detector isn't new. I just work around it by tweaking the subject line.

        • Patrik Montgomery

          My mahcine is an iMac DV/400 with Rage 128 8MB. Graphics performance is better overall - XDarwin is the excpetion.

          Notable is that 32bit OpenGL always crashes after 20 seconds or so (to the point where I can't even SSH in) when I play a game in OS X, while 16bit is stable.


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