Most excellent!

  • Alfonso Delgado-Reyes

    Congratulations guys. To you all.
    I admire you. Thank you. If I only
    where a programmer... but if any
    help is needed let me know.

    • Torrey T. Lyons

      Torrey T. Lyons - 2001-10-14

      I am glad that you like XFree86 for Darwin/Mac OS X. I should say that there are ways non-programmers can help in case anyone is interested. We can always use help in the following areas, which we don't spend much time on at present:

      1. Documentation
      2. Web site design - We have which sits unused.
      3. Support - Our experienced users could handle many of our support requests. People can join the XonX project so they can answer support requests even if they aren't Developers.
      4. Localization(Translation) - We'd like to eventually have XDarwin available in as many languages as XTools. :-)

    • Alfonso Delgado-Reyes

      If you still don't have Spanish and German translation(s) I can do that if you let me know how.
      I thought of making a PDF "how-to" but it is so
      easy to install, perhaps what I can do is to "pack" XFree and XDarwin with an small script (and/or  MacOS X installer) for the general audience. I have heard of fink but I simply haven't used it.
      Let me know ...


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