XDMCP with XDarwin

  • Dennis Haag

    Dennis Haag - 2001-07-12

    I am trying to get XDarwin to use XDMCP when launched from Aqua. I can use 'startx -- -quartz -query host' from a terminal window to get it to work. I can also get it to work by modifying .xserverrc when launched from the command line. It seems that when you launch XDarwin from the Aqua finder that the .xserverrc file is not used. Has anyone been able to pull this off? I'm basically looking for a double-click XDMCP session to a Solaris box. Adding XDMCP config information to the XDarwin preferences may be something to consider for a future release.

    On a related thread, but not Darwin specific, if I make an indirect query and get an xdm (dtlogin) chooser window, once I make my choice the server quits and never connects to the chosen host. I am trying to learn XDMCP, but have a long way to go obviously. Do I need to grab the hostname somehow from the remote chooser and rerun XDarwin with a direct query? Would it make sense to run xdm under XDarwin?

    Thanks for all the great work on XDarwin, it is as good as any commercial offering for OS X right now.

    Dennis Haag

    • Torrey T. Lyons

      Torrey T. Lyons - 2001-07-12

      >It seems that when you launch XDarwin from the Aqua finder that the
      >.xserverrc file is not used.

      You are right about this. The idea is that after you launch XDarwin from the GUI, you've already started the X server (with no command line options) so reading .xserverrc to figure out which X server to launch and how to launch it doesn't make sense. Since .xserverrc could contain anything, including code that launches some X server other than XDarwin, there's no reasonable way for XDarwin to use .xserverrc once its running.

      The easy way to do what you want now is to make a file with the .command extension which will be run by the Terminal application when you double-click it. In the future adding XDMCP options to the XDarwin preferences is definitely something to consider. Another possibility is adding a general "additional command line options" text box to the Preferences so people can type in any command line options for the X server. This would allow people to specify many things that aren't currently covered by the Preferences UI.

      • Patrik Montgomery

        One way to add full customizability to the GUI version would be to let XDarwin (the GUI app) accept customized .xserverrc files on startup. Let's say that we associate the extension .xdarwinrc to the XDarwin app. A poweruser could now write his own .xserverrc file, name it "MySettings.xdarwinrc" or whatever and then doubleclick this file in the Finder to start XDarwin with his particular settings, XDMCP and whatever.

    • Patrik Montgomery

      Not entirely related, but note that anything sent over this connection is sent unencrypted. Since XDMCP goes over UDP, it cannot be tunneled through SSH, which means that you're forced to use something like a IPSec to secure it.

      Sessions opened from a terminal can be tunneled, and SSH usually does this by default.


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