MacGIMP on 10.1: Any Dificulties, Bugs?

  • David Augsburger

    I've had the GIMP running for 2 months using XDarwin 0.6 and XFree86 4.0.2; I've felt no reason to try a more current version because this works so well and I have no pressing need for rootless.

    Now, however, I would like to update to OS X v10.1.  I've been following threads discussing various issues and it seems that the X Windows System appears to work, but no one has discussed the GIMP specifically.  Does it work the same as before?

    Currently using:
    XDarwin 0.6
    XFree86 4.0.2
    WindowMaker 0.62.1 
    All downloaded as packages from <>, thanks to Chris Roberts for the packaging.

    I can get a package of XDarwin 1.0a1 from the above site, will it work?

    Machine Specs:
    iBook 2001 Dual USB  320 Megs RAM
    OS X  10.0.4

    Many thanks to all who are involved in bringing X and the GIMP to the Mac.

    TIA, David

    • Greg Parker

      Greg Parker - 2001-09-30

      Make sure you get a full X Windows package; XDarwin 1.0a1 goes with XFree86 4.1.0. Also, XDarwin is now at 1.0a3 with some features and bug fixes you might want; see the SourceForge files page for information about each update.

      As far as I know, GIMP works fine. There's a MacGIMP forum at with some people who would know for sure.

    • Patrik Montgomery

      XDarwin 1.0a1 had some issues with not changing the pointer as it should, but IME those issues seem to be fixed with XDarwin 1.0a2. Not everyone agrees though. If you have problems with this, there is a workaround in the Bugs area (disabling all custom pointers).


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