XDMCP using XDarwin

  • Claus Atzenbeck

    Claus Atzenbeck - 2002-07-20


    I have a Linux box to which I connect "dumb" terminals via XDMCP.

    Since this week I also have a PowerBook. I have installed XDarwin (XFree86 4.2.x) and would like to connect to my Linux machine as I do with my other terminals (all Linux):

    xstart -- -query -quartz -fullscreen

    The problem is that my Powerbook does not get connected to the server (saying "unknown host"), although I am able to ping it.

    XDMCP is working on, because I am able to use it on other Linux boxes when typing

    X -query

    What is wrong with X on MacOS 10.1.5?

    Thanks for any hint!

    • Anonymous - 2002-09-10

      I have also run into this problem. I solved it by making an entry in the machines subdirectory in the NetInfo Manager.

      Just make a new subdirectory under the machines subdirectory. Change the value of the name property to the host name of the Linux box (eg. linuxbox) and add a property called "ip_address". Change the value of the ip_address property to the ip address of the linux box. Save.

      Now just issue the command:
      X -quartz -query linuxbox

      for some reason X does not like IP addresses in MacOS X.

      In 10.2 just make an entry in the /etc/hosts file.

      hope this helps.

      -- Bill


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