Does GTK+ or Xaw work with XDarwin

Dark Ryder
  • Dark Ryder

    Dark Ryder - 2001-08-14

    Has anyone gotten GTK+ or Xaw working with XDarwin1.0a1?  (The point being, of course, to try to get FreeCiv running ;)

    I've been trying to get GTK compiled, but can't seem to hit on the right configuration.  Using "--host=powerpc-apple-darwin1.3.7" gets "unknow host" errors, while "--host=powerpc-apple-mach3" causes compile errors halfway through.

    Has anyone gotten this working?

    • Greg Parker

      Greg Parker - 2001-08-14

      I've had FreeCiv for quite a while, courtesy of GNU-Darwin. . Go to Packages, then games.

      I've spent many hours playing FreeCiv. I was, uh, "stress-testing" rootless mode. Yeah.

      Some packages that say "unknown host" work if you replace their config.guess files (or maybe something else, I don't remember) with one from some other package with newer configure files that  include knowledge of Darwin.

    • Patrik Montgomery

      While I haven't tried Freeciv, I can assure you that GTK+ works. I think I compiled it with either ppc-darwin, ppc-next or just ppc. Or there is of course binary packages of it around, both GNU-Darwin and have such.

      Those configure files are generated with autoconf, and you can sometimes regenerate those files with a newer version of autoconf. Apple includes one with the Developer Tools installation. If there is a file in the package, you can make a new configure file by just typing "autoconf" in the source directory.


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