your XDarwin screenshots requested

  • Mat Caughron

    Mat Caughron - 2001-09-07

    There is now a screenshots section of the web site.  Please send your screenshots for inclusion to: <a></a>.
    <p>For a sneak peak at the site re-design, see: <a href=></a>

    • Paul Bayley

      Paul Bayley - 2001-09-07

      Here's an ancient screen shot which demonstrates XDarwin 0.5 rootless SHAPES support as well as dragging windows partially into a secondary monitor:

    • Christoph Pfisterer

      Nice design, good job.

      You may want to add a disclaimer that is not an official site, though. Something along the lines of "This is a community site for the Darwin / Mac OS X port of XFree86[link], commonly called XDarwin. The port is maintained by the XonX project[link]."

      It's really confusing to have a site with such a generic name and no mention of who's maintaining it, not even a webmaster mail link...



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