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RFP: use of domain name

  • Mat Caughron

    Mat Caughron - 2001-07-16

    I am the owner of the domain name, which is currently only serving up an outdated man page.  In the interest of making sure that the community of XonX developers and users is pleased with the use of this domain name, I'd like to hear proposals and ideas on what should be put up at that web site. 

    Should it be a mirror the current XonX pages which Torrey has put online?  If not, then what content should be up there?  My opinion is that it should include primarily information and documentation aimed at new-users with pointers more in-depth information as well.  Due to bandwith limitations (I'm paying for it all personally) it would be best if there weren't any extremely large files (10 megs and larger) but other than that, I'm  open to any reasonable proposal for the site.

    In the short term, I will be working to improve the content on the page to make the basics of XonX clearer to the average Mac user who probably isn't familiar with X11.  I would appreciate input both in what content gets put up in the short-term as well as what gets done with the domain long-term. 

    Feel free to post here, or contact me off-list, if you prefer, at:  <a></a>.


    Mat Caughron

    • Greg Parker

      Greg Parker - 2001-07-18

      I don't think there's any need for you to host binaries; SourceForge and XFree86 do a good job with that. (Binaries are expensive, too - I almost got hit with $250 in bandwidth overcharges for the XAqua 0.5 rootless binary...)

      I recommend the XonX Project FAQ that was just posted to the SourceForge docs section. It's now out-of-date with respect to rootless, but it answers several common questions, although it is unfortunately buried within SourceForge.

      Some links to include:
      XonX at SourceForge and mrcla
      Bug reporting at SourceForge
      Mailing lists at SourceForge
      Popular apps and app archives
      Alternatives to XDarwin: Tenon's Xtools and WeirdX/WiredX


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