Kenneth Lu - 2001-11-28

XDarwin 1.0.4 is a major step backward from 1.0a3 for me.  It's much slower to do simple things like grab focus.  It flickers and makes the cursor disappear when I switch to, say, an xterm from another app.  And most oddly, sometimes when I switch AWAY from XDarwin, it LOOKS like another windows is on top, but an XDarwin window will actually still be on top, making anything I type not appear, and causing weird behavior when I move my supposedly foreground window awround.

I'm on a PowerBook G3/400, 10.1.1, XFree84 4.1.0, with dual-monitors.

I switched back to 1.0a3 to make sure it was 1.0.4 causing the problems, and it is.
Is this a known problem?