Bert Saxby - 2003-04-28

Sorry guys.  Total Darwin newbie here.  Here's what I've done so far.  Downloaded Darwin I believe
6.0.2 from Apple's? least that's where the originating link was.  Burned the ISO and installed on my P2-333 Intel machine.  Everything seems to work as I can login to the root shell.  That's all I have at the moment since I cannot seem to get a GUI to run.  If I run ./XDarwin, X starts up but does not load a window manager.  I end up stuck with just an X cursor and that goofy blank background.  Do I need to specify -quartz to get a GUI?  I'm at work right now and the machine is at home but I've been doing some reading today and it sounds like maybe -quartz might help.    Any pointers and where to go from here.  I've read a lot of material today but most sites seem rather dated is sourceforge the most active forum?