SHAPE extension problem with "windowshade"

  • Adrian

    Adrian - 2001-11-07

    Nice to see SHAPE back! -I can now put 'real' rounded corners into OroborOSX windows. :-)

    One problem I found is with 'windowshading'.

    I started xeyes (with shape on) but when I windowshade it goes horribly wrong! I get a blank title-bar which clicks fall straight through (rootless).

    Not only OroborOSX, but also enlightenment...




    • Patrik Montgomery

      I can only say that everything works for me, both in enlightenment and OroborOSX. Windowshading like it always has.

      In OroborOSX, there is still a rectangular windowborder, but the area between it and the eyes is transparent. This looks pretty cool, because of the 3D effect created by the shading.


    • Adrian

      Adrian - 2001-11-12

      Hey, weird!

      This is with XDarwin 1.0.4, isn't it?

      Anyway, Greg found and patched the bug, I think (I've yet to download and test it...) -patch no.  479489. (Thanks Greg!)

      Any comments/ideas on why it should be OK for someone else, Greg?



      • Patrik Montgomery

        This is with XDarwin 1.0.4. Interleave on or off doesn't matter.

        • Adrian

          Adrian - 2001-11-13

          No, interleaving does not matter...

          What did matter was, in rootless only, a shaped window suddenly turning into a non-shaped window.

          In the case of windowshading (and 'iconbaring') in OroborOSX, this meant xeyes going from ovals to just a rectangular bar -if I just add one transparent pixel into the pixmaps for the titlebar (or the iconbar) then it works fine...

          In the case of windowshading in enlightenment, there was only one theme (I forget which) that both gave xeyes a titlebar (so it could be shaded) and used rectangular titlebars. The other themes with non-rectangular titlebars (i.e. shaped when shaded) worked fine...




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