The road to enlightenment

Jon Ellis
  • Jon Ellis

    Jon Ellis - 2001-12-09

    I'm trying to work towards getting Enlightenment to run with XDarwin.

    So far i've managed to compile Xfree, glib/gtk and gimp but there are several issues that i'm having problems with. The biggest is building shared libs.

    I'd like to try to gather enough information on the subject to not only build my own system but submit patches to the package maintainers so that others can build with a simple:

    make install

    Hopefully this is a good place to start :)

    • Greg Parker

      Greg Parker - 2001-12-10

      Enlightenment and the libraries it depends on have already been ported at least once. See Fink ( and GNU-Darwin ( and OSX-GNU ( I don't know whether any of them have submitted to the developers yet.

      • Jon Ellis

        Jon Ellis - 2001-12-10

        If the diffs have been submitted to the maintainers they haven't made it into current downloadable source bundles.

        I'll check into to the links, thanks.


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