#95 right button issue

Rootless (76)

OK here's what's up.

I'm running 10.1 with XFree 4.1.00 with
WindowMaker 0.65.1 installed on top of that.

If I'm in Rootless mode so that things mix window-
wise together and I right click it will switch from
XDarwin to whatever was behind it (so if I clicked
on the desktop it would switch to the finder).
Because I use WindowMaker though, this will also
bring up it's right click menu AND whatever right
click menu MacOS 10 want's to bring up.

What I'm hoping someone can do is this:

When you right click regardless of where, do not
allow XDarwin switch apps.

This may be impossible, I don't know enough yet
about programming in OS 10 yet to be of any help,
or I would just start hashing on the source myself.



  • Greg Parker

    Greg Parker - 2001-10-01

    Logged In: YES

    This is a fundamental problem with rootless mode: there's no root window, so menus activated by clicking on the root window won't work.

    I don't think it's possible for XDarwin to catch the click that activates the background app. Even if it were possible, it might not be a good solution. In my opinion, the best method would be to use clicks in the Mac OS menu bar that don't hit any menus, but there are some technical problems that make this solution unreliable.

    Something to try: click the second or third mouse button in the menu bar. Don't click on any menus, and don't drag - just click and release. On some versions of XDarwin, this will bring up the window manager's menu. It's an implementation accident, and not particularly reliable.

  • Peter Cooner

    Peter Cooner - 2001-10-01

    Logged In: YES

    Well, failing that then, what can I switch to (WM wise)
    that doesn't depend on right click? If I turn off
    "emnulate right mouse button" and change my mouse
    seetings from "right button" to "cntl click" instead, I can
    eliminate the double menu issue, but I of course can't
    get access to my WinMaker menu at all then (which of
    course breaks WinMaker as it requires right mouse).

    It might also be wise then to atleast stop XDarwin from
    bringing up it's rightmouse menu on top of OS 10's
    menu. You might also then make the trick you
    mentioned intentional (vs accidental).


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