#233 XDarwin crashes when adding displays

Causes Crash

I'm running Xdarwin full screen (several versions; I
keep up to date with the unstable branch of fink) on a
500MHz TiBook with 10.2.{0,1,2}.

Xdarwin crashes everytime I attach a secondary display.
Actually, a projector, but the idea is the same. I hit
"detect displays" and poof goes Xdarwin.

Let me know what more information I need to supply.

Victor Eijkhout


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    If you mean you are adding a display once XDarwin is running, this is a no-no. XDarwin has no way to handle dynamic configuration of displays once it has started. This includes resizing your existing display, but also adding another display.

    • summary: Xdarwin crashes on "detect displays" --> Xdarwin crashes on "detect displays"
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    Right. I add a display after XDarwin is already running.
    Given that I keep sessions open for weeks it would be hard
    to do it otherwise.

    Is there no way to fix this? It's really annoying. Besides,
    I'm running XDarwin in full screen mode, so its windows will
    not wind up on the other display anyway.


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    Changing name to better describe problem. The bug here is that XDarwin
    crashes. It should keep running, but not use the new display. As a feature
    request we will be looking at ways to have it use the new display as well, but
    this has tricky issues.

    • summary: Xdarwin crashes on "detect displays" --> XDarwin crashes when adding displays
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
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    This is a duplicate of "[ 561618 ] Changing monitor resolution
    crashes". We will adopt the code in Apple's X11 to solve this issue.
    Track progress in the other bug. Closing this duplicate.