#213 remote display of PVCS crashes XDarwin

Causes Crash
Rootless (76)

PVCS is a java/x-windows based version control program. I am telneting from an xterm in xfree86 on my Mac, to the development server (a solaris machine, which automatically sets my display back to the telnet source). There, I start pvcs, and it remote displays on X on the Mac.

I use the tool to log in to our project, and begin navigating the folder tree on the left panel (like windows explorer's plus minus tree) and when I get down to a folder that has files in it, and click on it, the files display in the right panel of the window. Near the time the list of files on the right finishes drawing, XDarwin crashes, and produces a crash log.


  • Torrey T. Lyons

    Torrey T. Lyons - 2002-10-25
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
  • Torrey T. Lyons

    Torrey T. Lyons - 2002-10-25

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    Closing this one as a duplicate of 622186. Please confirm whether this problem is still present in XDarwin


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