#125 Multiple monitors trap pointer

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Using XDarwin 1.0.4, enabling Xinerama for multiple monitors works a little oddly. If the two heads are different sizes, things like the GNOME panel across the bottom of the screen don't show up on the second screen (it's painting off the bottom of the display).

Also multiple display pagers such as in enlightenment and fvwm2 treat stuff in the right hand monitor as the right hand display area, while clicking in them causes the display to zoom over to the left side of the screen.

Disabling Xinerama works in the way you'd expect, everything is stuck in the left hand display (0.0). You can, however put stuff in 0.1 if you change your DISPLAY variable. It is not possible to get into that display with an Xwindows mouse pointer, though. If you click on an xterm you've created in 0.1, your pointer zooms back to 0.0.

So in either case, multiple monitors aren't behaving in a really useful fashion.


  • Greg Parker

    Greg Parker - 2001-11-14

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    Xinerama in general doesn't work well when the screens are different sizes. This isn't specific to XDarwin. I don't understand your description of the pager problem, but it might be a Xinerama-unaware pager or an XDarwin bug.

    XDarwin doesn't work with non-Xinerama multiple screens. It might work in the future.

  • charlie

    charlie - 2002-02-21

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    Hello, I also Have encountered a more generic multiple
    monitor problem. I ahve two monitors arranged side by
    side; one monitor is slightly shorter than the other.

    in rootless xmode if I try to move the mouse higher on
    the taller screen than the top of the shorter monitor it
    wont go!

    As it happens this means I cant reach the (aqua) menu
    for the Xdarwin.app with the mouse.

    I installed todays version of X using fink onto mac OS-X

  • Greg Parker

    Greg Parker - 2002-02-21

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    This shouldn't be happening anymore with XFree86 4.2. Can you post XDarwin's startup output here? That will include information about what XDarwin thinks your monitor arrangement is.

    (If you're running XDarwin from the double-clickable app, the startup output will be visible with Console.app. Console.app is in your /Applications/Utilities folder.)

  • Bill McGonigle

    Bill McGonigle - 2002-02-25

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    I'm seeing what's probably a related problem, with monitor
    arrangment. I have monitors arranged like this:

    (hope this survives in a proportional font...)

    | |
    --------| |
    | | |
    | | |

    which mirrors their physical configuration.

    When I launch an app, if the window manager tries to
    position it in the uppper left-hand corner of the screen, it
    winds up in the non-existant space above the left screen,
    making it typically unaccessible.

    Sounds alot like, "Xinerama in general doesn't work well
    when the screens are different sizes."

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Yep, indeed, Xinerama in general doesn't work well when the
    screens are different sizes. It's just a hack for crufty old
    X11 that doesn't cope with non-rectangular displays, and all
    it does is take the smallest enclosing rectangle of all your
    displays and use that as a single virtual display. Then all
    the normal X11 apps inside it think that the `dead' area in
    your upper left is actually just part of the screen and
    happily go and use it.

    The alternative to Xinerama is just to have two displays,
    traditional-style, but then you have the trade-off that
    windows are bound to a particular display, and it's not
    seamless like it normally is on a Mac. Oh, and there's the
    fact that multiple displays don't work properly on XDarwin
    yet (see bug #455216 :-)

    Ian Lister

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I've run into this same problem, but only when the second monitor was connected after X was started.


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