Xnee's not an event emulator / News: Recent posts

1.0.4 released

Changes in 1.0.4:
-changed printout forhelp andversion
-made ChangeLog what is supposed to be
-build.sh doesn't copy NEWS to ChangeLog anymore
-xnee manual is now under FDL
-xnee developer manual is now under FDL
-TODO updated with GNU Coding Standard todos
-doc (texi) files updated with index refs
-doc (texi) files updated to make info pages nice
-build_web.sh added to CVS
-fixed one sigbus & one sigsegv on nonglibc platforms (thanks freeBSD)

Posted by Henrik Sandklef 2003-02-14

09 released / synchromisation works!!


At last synchronisation works! To quote Led Zeppelin
"Nobody's fault but mine"

Posted by Henrik Sandklef 2002-10-15

0.8.1 released

Changes in 0.8.1
- fixed a hanging (not on all platforms) xnee when finished replaying
- fixed dependency to libxnee for the xnee binary in the generated Makefiles
- fiexd missing newline in help text

Posted by Henrik Sandklef 2002-09-29

0.8betaa released

--time <secs> options now works
Pressing Ctrl-C will stop Xnee but __NOT__ remove the recorded file

Posted by Henrik Sandklef 2002-08-26

0.8alpha released

1 Recording of delivered events & AllClients works fine
2 Human printouts added for Events, Errors and requests

and yes it is commited in CVS

Posted by Henrik Sandklef 2002-06-20


Changes in 0.7.2
- "plugins / xnee settings" is from now on only called plugin .. sorry about the fuzz
- Support for RedHat RPM/SRPMS is included is distribution
- build.sh is extended to build from clean dist to RPMs

Posted by Henrik Sandklef 2002-06-11

0.7.1 in CVS

Fix for new plugin feature included

Posted by Henrik Sandklef 2002-06-10

CVS tree updated

I have added support for plugins to Xnee....
Try them by using xnee as:

./xnee -sf plugins/xnee.xns

Posted by Henrik Sandklef 2002-06-05

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