Luke Fantinutti - 2003-11-05

Hi there
Well done dudes, the 3.0-beta4 for osx are good, faster than older versions, more stable and more "featured" but...
i have some suggestions:
1st of all i think that the "resume from" function MUST be included (why did you dropped this?)
2nd - the grouped network can be boring by searching a specifical server 'cuz cannot be listed by name in total: maybe you should put a preference for the user to choose the  grouped mode or not :) - anyway, the network group-expander "arrows" doesn't seems to work properly in Aqua look :(
3rd - as reported in "Bug" section, i cannot find the incomplete files to be resumed in the transfer list...

so, for the moment i can use it just for little downloads.
Anyway, it really seems to be MORE stable - great job!