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xMule v1.13.6 Released!

This release focused on Unicode support which is virtually complete. In fact, the binaries attached use the Unicode version of wxWidgets 2.6.2. Additionally, 64-bit support has been increased, however, it is still sometimes impossible to source files in 64-bit mode.

Changes in this release:
* FIXED: Two minor compilation problems in 1.13.5.
* Drammatically overhauled Unicode support.
* Strengthened 64-bit support.
* 5084 lines changed since 1.13.5.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2006-03-03

xMule v1.13.5 Released!

Many changes in this release. So many, in fact, we decided to skip a few release numbers. I found it incredibly difficult this release to make a proper changelog and so below is just a summary. You should probably download this if you use xMule.

Changes in this release:
* Connects to new lugdunum;
* Should (?) get new sources properly;
* AMD-64 and IA-64 support greatly extended;
* Initial major Unicode attempt.
* 9,302 line diff with 1.13.0.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2006-02-10

xMule v1.12.2 Released!

In this release, we focus on wxGTK-specific issues, mostly revolving around our implementation of the list control (which allows the pretty download statistics and sorting). Between Avi and myself we've damn-near completely rewritten them. We've also focused a lot on general code cleanup. (This fixes the blank Server list 1.12.1 bug).

Available to download are two binary packages, one against wxGTK 2.4.3 (most reliable results) and one against wxGTK 2.6.2 (improved performance). Unlike past binary packages, this uses a new release system which theoretically should work on any Linux distribution, so long as you have libstdc++v6 (e.g. gcc 3.4+) and GTK 2.6.x installed. Simply download the file, set its execute flags (chmod 0755) and run the installer.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-12-03

xMule v1.12.1 Released!

This release focuses mostly on refactoring the 1.12 tree. xMule uses my DynamicPreferences more fully with the end result being a more robust app that uses less memory and is less prone to crash. Because list column sorting/resizing code has changed, you may find a recurrence of the "disappearing columns" bug, especially on your first launch of this version. Merely right-click on the typically-grey area where column headers normally would be and unhide/resize the columns you desire.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-11-28

xMule v1.10.1 Released!

This is yet another stable xMule release. Version 1.10.1 mainly focuses on fixing compilation and compatibility bugs. Please note that this version is the first version to include the xMule Acceptable Use License. The xMule team does not encourage illegal Internet activities of any kind, and we just wanted to make it clear. We ask the community to drop us a line in the Official xMule Forums and give us some feedback on this release.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-07-17

xMule v1.10.0b Released!

Continuing the trends of stable releases, there hasn't
been a single major bug reported concerning xMule
1.10.0 as far as I know so this is mostly a maintainence
release. I spent several hours fixing the installation system
and making *highly* optimized binaries for Pentium 4s
and AthlonXPs. To install, extract and add to your $PATH.

Version 1.10.0b

* FIXED: xMule no longer bans clients sending an eMule-compat modstring while
not being xMule or eMule (contributed by Kry of aMule).
* FIXED: ./configure no longer displays warnings due to wxWidgets 2.5 or
* FIXED: Now compiled with wxWidgets 2.6.x (contributed by Kasek of xMule).
* FIXED: Installation now works again without error.
* Updated all copyright headers to match the new year.
* Culled several unnecessary files.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-04-30

xMule v1.9.2 Released!

This version marks a definate improvement in non-Win32 ed2k clients. Performance has increased, generally drammatically, in virtually every category, as we have re-implemented several core internal mechanisms (CPacket, CTag, and CPreferences) so that xMule is generally a) more memory efficent, b) much more easily extensible, and c) easier to maintain.

This version is so stable that you can expect 1.10.0 very shortly.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-10-01

xMule v1.9.1b Released!

This is a maintenance release which prevents spontaneous crashes on many systems and generally improves performance. It now supports wxWidgets 2.5.x.

Posted by Ted R. Smith 2004-09-10

xMule v1.8.4 Released!

This release is needed to connect to the brand new lugdunum 16.47 servers. It also sports increased perfomance fixes.

Everyone should upgrade immediately.

For changelog and more information visit our homepage at: http://www.xmule.ws/

Thank you,
The xMule Team

Posted by Anonymous 2004-07-14

xMule v1.8.3 released!

This release focuses mainly on user interactions with the client, along with major improvements to the download implementation. Less hassles all around, especially for packagers. For more details, please see http://xmule.ws/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=23

Posted by Ted R. Smith 2004-07-10

xMule v1.8.2c Released!

...as the first release with Secure Identification implemented, without the need to install libcryptopp. On CVS is version 1.8.3, the Client with dynamic-Partfiles implemented (planned to be finished this week)

Posted by upload2010 2004-06-01

xMule v1.8.2b Released!

This release basically fixes some more bugs found. It will also be the final release without Secure Identification (an eMule protocol extension) support.

*FIXED: Wrong tagcount for packets EMULEINFO & EMULEINFOANSWER
*FIXED: Problems with slow/fast stopping Downloads, some DOWNLOADSTATES (should be an important increase of download-stability)
*FIXED: Timeout was too low for DownloadClients
*ADDED: Initial rewriting of mfc.h (finished for ClientCredits)
*FIXED: Bug in the Searchwindow, Prevents Crashes of fast clicking Users

Posted by Anonymous 2004-04-30

xMule v1.8.2 Released!

This is probably the last of the 1.8x stable branch. Every one who is using 1.8.0 or 1.8.1 should upgrade to this immediately, as it fixes several unfriendly characteristics, namely the tendency for connections to modded eMule clients to crash xMule and it also fixes a strange error where certain connections would not time out, noticeable mainly by a lack of uploads.

* FIXED: Timeout for Clients in the Upload List.
* Better Source Dropping in the Download List.
* Color change depending on availabilty in the Searchwindow.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-04-16

xMule.org is Down!

Due to a DDOS attack on the domain, the provider freaked out and has decided to remove the account. You should use this address for now: http://unthesis.web.aplus.net/

We hope we will be able to fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you,
The xMule Team

Posted by Anonymous 2004-04-16

xMule v1.8.1 Released!

This fixes virtually all of the known issues in 1.8.0, especially the strange font in the search dialog under GTK+ 1.2. There are also additional improvements in download speed.

* FIXED: Systray Integration for KDE 3 and GNOME 1.2.
* FIXED: Several bugs in the Search Window (Search History, ED2K Multilink).
* FIXED: Crashes on Startup when .xMule/ doesn't exist.
* FIXED: Exception-bug in ShowDownloadingParts.
* FIXED: The Chinese Search font display problem in GTK 1.2.
* FIXED: Fewer large packets are incorrectly dropped (e.g. faster downloads).
* Increased maximum filesize from 2GB to 4GB (ed2k's max filesize).

Posted by Anonymous 2004-04-07

xMule v1.7.4a Released!

xMule v1.7.4a has been released on February 18, 2004.

This is mostly just a bugfix version. Fixes zlib support-specific things. But it also adds the majority of the lugdunum 1.4x ed2k server features, like file sharing.

Check out http://www.xmule.org/ for more information and changelog.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-02-19

xMule v1.7.3 Released!

This new version represents many hours of rewriting, refactoring, and cleaning of the source code. Other additions are full zlib support, and Hetfield's systray. Since this is a "Testing" release, you should report any bugs you find in the forums (need to register to do that). We hope this release will be stable and fast for you.


HopeSeekr's Contributions:
* FIXED: Dependency issue in ini2.cpp that started in 1.7.2.
* Added Obone's zlib patch for v1.7.2, provided by nillekind.
* Added Hetfield's SysTray for Gnome and KDE, provided by m_abs.
* Statistics colors are now saved at program close.
* Added a check for gthread, requested by the ROCKS Linux Team.
* Refactored every header, cpp file. Much less interdependent files.
* Re-instated LOWID hack that Malware had temporarily disabled.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-02-10

xMule v1.7.2 Released!

There are some important changes in this release!
Upgrading very recommended. Please see www.xmule.org for more information.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-02-04

xMule v1.7.0 Released!

There are over 58 changes including security fixes, lots of fixed memory leaks and CPU leaks, extended support for more systems, notably OpenBSD and Solaris, and extended support for most of the eMule 3x protocol changes.

Posted by Ted R. Smith 2003-11-13

Problems with FAT32 and 1.6.0 (and 1.5.6)

Many users complain about error message about not being able to change file permission when using a FAT32 partition. This is not a bug in xMule, but in the setup of the machine using the FAT partition.
By default the FAT support of Linux does return an error when trying to change the permissions of a file since the FAT filesystem does not implement access rights. But this is a valid operation under every Unix like OS.
To avoid the error messages use the "quiet" flag when mounting a FAT partition. Adding it to the options in /etc/fstab does make this setting persistent, but does not replace umounting and remounting the FAT filesystems right after the change.

Posted by Michael Mueller 2003-08-28

xMule v1.6.0 released

This is the next major stable version. It fixes all known security exploits, and offers a wide range of new, exciting features -- categories, A4AF, NNS, etc -- in addition to faster, less CPU- and memory-intensive operation. xMule is an easy to use multi-platform synchronizing fork of the popular eMule client. Based upon the wxWindows library and GNU C++, xMule aims to support the Linux, *BSD, and MacOS X operating systems.

Posted by Ted R. Smith 2003-08-28

xMule unstable: v1.5.5 released!

Several annoying bugs have been fixed, of which most notable ones would be:
* Window height was increazed by 58 pixels every restart.
* Transfer window columns couldn't be hidden.
* Completed files were not shared. Also, automatic sources dropping is fully operational now, turn it on in Preferences->Sources Dropping tab.

Special guest star for this release is plobb, who provided us with hotranking patch. From now on, sources with QR: smaller than 5 ignore MaxNewConPer5Seconds value, which should increase download speed during new sources handling.... read more

Posted by Alo Sarv 2003-07-11

xMule v1.5.4 released!

The xMule development team is glad to announce their next release in the unstable branch. The good news is that CPU usage is now under control, reportetly the CPU usage has dropped even as much as FIVE times! Now uses 5% CPU on Madcat's computer instead of previous 30%. For even better effect, it is recommended to switch away from Transfer tab when running in background.
Other notable fixes are various compatibility problems (.met file format was incomatible with eMule, BSD had problems with configure and last release introduced gcc 2.95 compilation error).
The new and improved HQRS/NNS dropping engine implemented in 1.5.3 has been dropped due to its too aggressive nature, and we switched back to old engine (No Needed Parts are attempted to switch to other files once per 40 seconds, Full Queue sources once per 60 seconds, if more than 80% of available source slots are filled).... read more

Posted by Alo Sarv 2003-07-06

Testing Release: v1.5.2

We imported several very cool features from various xMule mods (Razor and Lagloose mods).
Now we have Asked for Another File, Drop No Needed Sources, Drop High Queue Ranking
Sources and Drop Full Queue sources features, + some more minor ones. So feel free to
test and report any new bugs found, so we can move it to stable section faster :)

Posted by Alo Sarv 2003-06-22

New stable version: v1.4.1

After over three weeks of development and several testing releases, we are finally ready to release our next stable version. There are over 30 bugs fixed, of which the most mentionable ones would be Search tab fixes and Shared files fixes. Of the new features, we have new and improved external ed2k links handling, new trayicon if connected with LowID and changes to clipboard handling (pasting with ctrl+v works now).

Posted by Alo Sarv 2003-06-22

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