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Support for nwn areas

Alapha 4 Release is out.

- Full support for NWN terrain tiles. You can now create a map with nwn toolset and import it into xmud.
Added animation to avatars.
- Improved graphics engine performance by moving collision detection and terrain following to the cell level.
- Prioritized request/response queue at the client and server level.
- Position updater delay according to client's ping time.
- Limited the number of requests per client per second

Posted by Hector Gonzalez 2002-06-26

Standalone executable jar released

You can now download a single jar file that contains all code, libraries, and media files required to run the client or server. In order to connect to our server, you need to type java -jar xmud.jar cnt

Posted by Hector Gonzalez 2002-06-08

Public test server

With the release of our third alpha version a public test server has been configured at 151.203.245. You need the alpha_3 version of the code in order to connect.

Posted by Hector Gonzalez 2002-06-07

Initial Code Release

I started eXtensible MUD as an experiment to apply technologies like Java,
CORBA, Object Oriented Databases and 3D engines to the original concept of
LPMUD. That is allow users to extend the world by writing objects and adding
them to the system at run time.

The code can be downloaded from: http://xmud.sourceforge.net

At this point I have published the first alpha release of the code. It includes:
- the core xmud system
- object manager
- security manager
- object loader
- communications protocols in Corba and plain sockets
- Graphics engine written in Java3D and capable of importing VRML models.
- A small library of objects that include players, monsters and chat.
- A Swing based client to connect to the server
- A monster manager that controls the behavior of monsters in the sytem ... read more

Posted by Hector Gonzalez 2002-05-10

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