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X-Moto 0.2.2 Released

This is primarily a bug-fix release, see the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-10-02

Alpha No More

The "alpha" sticker have now been officially removed. Check out the new 0.2.1 release, which includes some cleaning up since the last alpha.

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-09-17

MacOS X universal binary

Apparently the old MacOS X binaries didn't work so good, so now I've uploaded an universal binary which is supposed to work. Thanks to vasi.

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-08-12

X-Moto 0.2.0 MacOS X binary packages (PPC and x86)

New MacOS X binaries! This time not only for PPC, but also for Intel-based Macs. Thanks to Anders Borum for supplying them!

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-07-31

Alpha Release 0.2.0

Finally a new X-Moto release. A lot of new stuff this time, check it out. See ChangeLog for details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-07-27

X-Moto 0.1.16 MacOS X binary package (PPC)

I've uploaded a MacOS X binary package (for PPC) contributed by José Coelho. Enjoy :)

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-06-18

Special X-Moto 0.1.16 package for lua/ode compatibility

I've added a package for Linux users who are having problems compiling the standard X-Moto package. It's similar to the patches released for some earlier versions of X-Moto, but this is just a complete package instead.

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-06-16

Alpha Release 0.1.16

New alpha release out. Killer feature of the month: Ghost replays.
No new levels this time, sorry.
Check out the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-06-16

X-Moto 0.1.16 sneak preview video

Uploaded a video demonstrating the next X-Moto killer feature "ghost replays" in action. Check it out before your neighbor! :)

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-05-23

Alpha Release 0.1.14

Finally a new X-Moto alpha release! This time you'll find a lot of new stuff, including integration of Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre's website; you can now download extra levels and see worlds records inside the game. See the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-05-19

Alpha Release 0.1.12

New alpha release of X-Moto! Get it before your neighbour!
See the ChangeLog for details about what's new.

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-04-09

X-Moto 0.1.11 .deb for Ubuntu Breezy x86 added

I've put a .deb package for Ubuntu Breezy x86 on the downloads page. Whether it works for other .deb-based systems is unknown.
Thanks "Nacho.[eXr]" :)

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-03-09

Alpha Release 0.1.11

I haven't worked much on this project since the beginning of december, but last couple of days I've given it a push. Most notable of this release is the much better collision detection, better (hopefully more machine-independent) timing, and a couple of new levels.
Check out the ChangeLog for more details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2006-02-05

X-Moto 0.1.10 RPM package added

I've added a RPM (works with Fedora, possibly more) of X-Moto 0.1.10. Thanks Andrea.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-12-08

Alpha Release 0.1.10

Now the game hopefully will list replays correctly. :)
This is primarily a bug-fix release, check out the ChangeLog for further details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-12-03

Alpha Release 0.1.9

Not much new content this time, sorry. This release contains the stuff that have been accessible through CVS for several weeks, which has been pretty static for a while due to my studies.
I really hoped to get more into this release, but that has to wait for the next one.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-12-01

Optional lua/ode compatibility patch for 0.1.8

Apply this patch to the xmoto-0.1.8 sources if you have problems compiling because of liblua and/or libode. See the release notes for details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-11-07

Alpha Release 0.1.8

Behold! The 9th alpha release of X-Moto! Check-out the ChangeLog and release notes for details about this release.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-11-06

Alpha Release 0.1.7

See the release notes and ChangeLog for details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-10-27

X-Moto now in CVS

I've now moved X-Moto into the CVS of sourceforge. Please note that the CVS version might be highly experimental :)

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-10-25

Alpha Release 0.1.6

These X-Moto alpha releases just keep coming and coming. This time the primary changes are: Better support of higher resolution graphics, and also a couple of new levels.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-10-06

Alpha Release 0.1.5

Next alpha ready. Note that there's no new levels this time.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-10-03

Alpha Release 0.1.4

Surprise! Yet another alpha release of X-Moto... :)

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-09-29

Alpha Release 0.1.3

New alpha of X-Moto. This is probably the last alpha before I'll release a beta. Check out the home page for details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-08-21

Alpha Release 0.1.2

New alpha of X-Moto. Get it before your neighbour. Also check out the project home page for details.

Posted by rneckelmann 2005-06-13