#4 Physics Improvement: Implement airbourne torque-reaction


Perhaps this is not "in the spirit" of X-moto, but on a
real motocross bike, when you're airborne, if you goose
the throttle, the rear wheel spins faster. This change
in speed imparts torque on the rest of the motorcycle,
introducing some (front-lifting) spin. Conversely, if
you apply rear brake, this causes the front to drop.
The same thing should happen if you apply front-brake
to a freewheeling front wheel.

(This is a less extreme version of what happens when
the bike is on the ground (wheelie, and rear brake

(Yes, I understand that x-moto doesn't have front/rear
brakes seperately, but the effect is different for each
wheel - depends on the mass of the wheel compared to
the mass of the bike, the distance of the rear axel
from the center of gravity, maybe even the c.o.g to
axel angle?).


  • TTT

    TTT - 2005-11-19

    Logged In: YES

    Elma featured this behavior so I guess it _is_ "in the
    spirit" of X-moto. ;)

  • raskolnikov

    raskolnikov - 2006-05-24

    Logged In: YES

    Yeah :D It would be ok. Actually, I think that emulating
    Elma phisics is a good thing.


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