Best of reply downloads?

  • Darkened911

    Darkened911 - 2005-11-12

    Just a suggestion.  I'd like to view peoples replays as I'm sure others would so a reply system would be useful?  Best times or best style?

    By the way thanks for the fun rneckelmann!  Keep up the good work.

    • Darkened911

      Darkened911 - 2005-11-13

      Doh wasn't paying attention to my insane spelling..  reply = replays.  lol

    • rneckelmann

      rneckelmann - 2005-11-14

      Hmm, yup it would be cool. Unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth to host replays on my server.
      And I think sourceforge has a law against hosting dynamically created game files on their servers...

    • Darkened911

      Darkened911 - 2005-11-14

      That's too bad it could add a lot of competition and help.  Would there be a way to include them in the actual release?

    • rneckelmann

      rneckelmann - 2005-11-15

      Well, an average replay is probably around 50 kB large... It could quickly add up to the size of the file release, so that's  not an option me thinks.

    • RAigner

      RAigner - 2005-11-18

      Hi everyone

      I started a list of replays at

      I plan to have the top 5 of the fastest runs for each level, and make a tarball of one replay for each level, to see how they are done.

      It would be nice if someone sends in replays, especially for the harder levels (I am really interested in how 'Keep-Calm' is done)

    • TTT

      TTT - 2005-11-18

      Maybe it's time to determine replay filename format. The sooner we have one, the less work there will be once we find it. I'm using something like this at the time:
      01 00-06-14.rpl
      That means level 01 with time 00:06:14.
      Some posible rational changes:
      "_" instead of " "
      " Triple T" at the end (in case someone else makes the exact same time)
      So it could also look like this:

    • Darkened911

      Darkened911 - 2005-11-19

      flemorizer: Cool site I hope more people get into it.  I'm not sure if I have any better times yet.. 

    • RAigner

      RAigner - 2005-11-19

      Using the time and the driver in the filename is a good idea.
      I would prefer the name of the level instead of the number, to use the same filename format for external levels too. The filenames would get longer, in the worst case something like
      What do you think? Still a handy method?

      • TTT

        TTT - 2005-11-19

        I use that format also for the external levels, for example
        wheeled 00-56-45.rpl
        I use the level's filename without ".rpl" instead of the number.
        Since the levels' numbers are not final, numbering of the filenames really isn't ideal. rneckelmann should decide some shorter forms of the level names to be used in the replay filenames, "Show me you are a man!" really is unnecessarily long.
        I added a relevant feature request:


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