game is too hard

  • dave8

    dave8 - 2005-11-09

    We need some maps for beginers. Current maps ( except first 4) are very hard! Or should be skill-level select option.

    • Frank Roscher

      Frank Roscher - 2005-11-10

      The game will get easier anyway when way points will be implemented. Anyway, I agree that some more tutorial levels would be needed. Maybe users will contribute them when the scripting possibilities have been documented.

      What do you mean with a skill-level option? I can't imagine how different difficulty levels should be implemented in X-Moto without changing all levels.

    • dave8

      dave8 - 2005-11-12

      skill-levels like in Gravity Defied :

      easy - with 10 beginner maps,
      normal  - with 10 intermediate maps,
      pro - with 10 very hard maps!:)

      Way points are not a good idea i think. Maybe levels should be a bit shorter.

      • Frank Roscher

        Frank Roscher - 2005-11-12

        That would be only a cosmetic change as the levels are supposed (!) to be ordered by difficulty anyway =/ I don't think such a categorization would be more useful than listing the levels in the correct order.

        Way points certainly aren't a perfect solution, but personally I can't think of any better way of simplifying the game that doesn't need too big changes in level design. Shorter levels would cause a loss of "atmosphere", I think.

    • Christophe Badoit

      IMHO it's really diffucult to set a difficulty for levels...

      But I think it would be good to have levels categorization, or a "package" system, since the number of users-submitted levels can really explode...!

    • rneckelmann

      rneckelmann - 2005-11-14


      Point taken, for 0.1.9 (in CVS, probably broken :P) I have created a couple of seperate tutorial levels (similar to the first one, which now is an (external) tutorial level instead), but more complex.
      Currently I have two new tuts: One about jumping (i.e. for instance to teach the player to use left/right keys when jumping, so it gets longer). The last one about rear wheel driving through low-ceiling areas; very difficult one.
      Any more ideas for tutorials?


      As onety-three says, the IDEA is that the levels are ordered by difficulty. I know it's not the case at the moment :)  But reordering levels are actually quite cumbersome, so I'm not going to do it before beta.


      You, I can't see how there can be different difficulties for the same level (maybe different number of save points?).
      I could add a difficulty setting in the editor so people can rate their own levels... Would that be a good idea, or wouldn't it be used?

      • Frank Roscher

        Frank Roscher - 2005-11-14

        Tutorial levels: Hmm. Maybe for balancing free fall and loops?

    • Christophe Badoit

      I don"t think save points are a good thing ...

      But for the rating of levels, it is a good idea. But I'm unable to give a difficulty rating of my own levels : they are easier for me since I played them a *lot* :-)

      The rating should be by players themselves.

      And again, I think levels should be grouped by "packages"; look at lbreakout and the number of created levels ! It would be insane without categories :)

      Note: I can host levels and replays ...

    • rneckelmann

      rneckelmann - 2005-11-15

      "Free falls" as when "falling through a hole" or as falling through the air? :)

      • Frank Roscher

        Frank Roscher - 2005-11-15

        Falling through a hole :) It's a skill that is needed in several levels, and in each of them you have to get quite far to get your try.

    • dave8

      dave8 - 2005-11-16

      I think that 70% of built-in levels should be in PRO diff.

      Suse rpm package is running on my Mandriva, but without sound :)

    • TTT

      TTT - 2005-11-18

      I know about a thing that could make the game less difficult: bullet time! I'm experiencing it sometimes ;) and I can tell you the game is less difficult when slowed down. It could be used to make a low difficulty level, it's probably easy to implement.

    • Frank Roscher

      Frank Roscher - 2005-11-20

      The jumping tutorial is great, but that for rear wheel driving is too hard - I haven't managed to complete it yet. I guess it would be quite frustrating for a newbie if the tutorial was already harder than the rest of the game :/
      In any case, the last obstacle should be separate from the others so it can be trained directly.

      BTW, building current CVS fails for me with
      In file included from src/BuiltInFont.h:25,
                       from src/BuiltInFont.cpp:27:
      src/VCommon.h:60: error: conflicting declaration 'typedef size_t GLsizeiptrARB'
      /usr/include/GL/glext.h:3055: error: 'GLsizeiptrARB' has a previous declaration as `typedef ptrdiff_t GLsizeiptrARB'
      src/VCommon.h:60: error: declaration of `typedef size_t GLsizeiptrARB'
      /usr/include/GL/glext.h:3055: error: conflicts with previous declaration `typedef ptrdiff_t GLsizeiptrARB'
      src/VCommon.h:60: error: declaration of `typedef size_t GLsizeiptrARB'
      /usr/include/GL/glext.h:3055: error: conflicts with previous declaration `typedef ptrdiff_t GLsizeiptrARB'

      If I comment the line everything works again. This is on Gentoo.

    • Frank Roscher

      Frank Roscher - 2005-11-20

      Whoops, sorry. "The line" means line 60 of VCommon.h

    • rneckelmann

      rneckelmann - 2005-11-24

      onety-three: Okay, I'll add a teleport from to the last part of the level :)

      The glext.h stuff is very annoying. Fixed at one system, and then it is broken on another. But I've just received a patch which should fix it for good. Maybe. :)


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