Oscar Lopes - 2005-10-15

Hello, I din't know where to post this, but here it goes:
I was able to get xmoto 1.6 running in my 12'' powerbook.
It's a 1.3GHz ppc, 768 MB ram, and GeForce 5200 go 64 MB. The game runs fine, 85 fps in the first level and about 65 fps in "burning cave" level.

However, I needed to hack the source in order to compile the game.
- In the file VMath.h I needed to change the template definition, replacing every occurence of _T with _Tp. I believe this is a compiler bug.
- Then I needed to change OpenGL location in VCommon.h. In Mac OS X the file is located in OpenGL/gl.h instead of GL/gl.h. Besides, the parameter -lGL must be replaced by -framework OpenGL
- I had to comment out every #include <malloc.h> since there is no malloc.h in mac os x.
- Finally, I changed configure script for OpenGL and because some of my libraries (SDL, libpng) were not in the standard location.

Well, it's a nice game! Keep up the good work!