simple feature request

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2005-12-09

    Can you please make it so that when you die, the left and right arrow keys don't move the menu cursor up and down?  Sometimes when you die, you're still holding left or right (which was an attempt to save yourself), and this moves the menu up and down.  Then you go to hit enter to retry the level, but the cursor is on quit or something else. The game is frustrating enough, and this would just make it easier for all of us.  Thanks

    • Frank Roscher

      Frank Roscher - 2005-12-10

      I have grown accustomed to it, but it did cost me some nerves in the past... So I guess I second the request :)

    • Gert Brinkmann

      Gert Brinkmann - 2005-12-13

      Oh, yes, I can second this, too. It is often very annoying. I do not know how often I have been warned of dying dolphins when I only wanted to restart the level.

      The best would be to not have a menu in this situation, but only the following choices:

      * Press any key to restart the level.
      * Press ESC to leave the level (to get to the menu).

      Also when pressing space the key event should not be passed to the game. Often the bike is turned around when restarting a level.




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