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  • Christophe Badoit


    Thanks a lot for this game :)

    I've put some levels here :
    Is there a way to include them in a xmoto release ?

    I've also tried to play with lua scripts, but the functions are quite buggy:
    - a moved block is not refreshed in the game window, only in the minimap. But the block is *actually* moved, I mean if I interact with the moto.
    - a background moved block is refreshed
    - when a level is ended (by failing or succeding) the block position is not reset according to the original map, but are as they were after any SetBlockPos or MoveBlock call.
    - i didn't manage to retrive a block position with GetBlockPos. I assumed it returned a tuple, like
    (x, y) = Game.GetBlockPos("id")
    but y is not ok ?
    - is there a way to define zones in the editor ?

    • rneckelmann

      rneckelmann - 2005-11-08

      Are the levels difficult or easy or somewhere in between? :)
      From now on I'll try only to add levels I can complete myself - many people are upset about the difficulty.
      But I'll take a look at them when I get the time.

      The lua stuff is VERY experimental :)  Especially the block-moving part... the physics system isn't at all geared to cope with blocks suddenly appearing at another location. And I don't even think the renderer supports it properly.

      When all (or most) the basic stuff in the game works, I'll start working on the scripting/dynamics stuff.

      Nope, zones have to be defined manually... Again, later I'll add it to the editor. (when there's an actual use for them).

      I'm very impressed you figured out all these things by yourself, when considering there's no documentation at all :)

    • Christophe Badoit

      Well I had to look a lot at the code, and in xmoto.bin  for Lua :)
      The code was really useful for the "Grass" effect and particles types. BTW, nice code :)

      The levels are mostly easy, and I think a lot more easy than the one you packaged. Some could be tutorials, others need more tries... but easier than the Cows one for sure !

      We mostly worked on fun instead of challenge :)


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