0.1.9 replays

  • Anonymous - 2005-12-02

    Replays that I save in 0.1.9 don't show up on the list.  However, the .rpl files are created in the Replays directory. My 0.1.8 replays show up fine.  Also, strawberries aren't picked up in my 0.1.8 replays now.  Anyone else having this problem.  I"m using the linux version.

    • Anonymous - 2005-12-02

      Same problem here. Replays saved from 0.1.9 don't show up in any list. Tested on linux, windows xp and windows 2000.

    • rneckelmann

      rneckelmann - 2005-12-03

      The replay list problem should be fixed now in 0.1.10.
      Regarding the strawberries which aren't picked up when playing old 0.1.8-replays, it's not a bug :)
      All that kind of stuff is handled very differently in newer versions, so it would make the code (even more) ugly if I had to handle the old way of doing it too.


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