#40 Wrong time on top of the screen


I once played xmoto using the 0.1.10 ubuntu-package,
when the following happened.
After finisching the level the time in the highscore
list differed by 0.01 seconds to the one at the top of
the screen. Look at the screenshot if you don't
understand what I mean.

I'm not sure if this is fixed, now. I haven't had a
look at the source, but I'm sure you can see the
problem by examining the source.
Sorry, I can't reproduce this. That's why I can't test
if this bug still exists.

PS: Don't laugh about this bug report and don't be
offended, because those 0.01 seconds don't really
matter. Mark it as wontfix, if you want to.


  • Andreas Gnau

    Andreas Gnau - 2006-07-22

    Screenshot were the time at the top differs from the one recorded in the highscore list

  • rneckelmann

    rneckelmann - 2006-07-23

    Logged In: YES

    yeah, this is a known old bug, I don't know why it has never
    been fixed. The problem is that when the player finishes by
    touching the flower, the internal "stop watch" is stopped,
    and the time is recorded - but the graphical counter on the
    screen is updated an extra time after this.

    I'll try to fix it.

  • nikos

    nikos - 2013-11-27
    Last edit: nikos 2013-11-27

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