#34 zlib in configure script


In 0.1.11 the configure script claims to not find
uncompress in -lz. Investigating configure.log, I
noticed that there was an undefined refernce to pow()
that caused that error to be reported. Simply including
-lm in $LIBS
(in file configure on line 3647 on my system) takes
care of that issue.
The line now looks like this: LIBS="-lz -lm $LIBS"

Could be worth checking out.

Erik Ljungström


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    What's your system?

    Unfortunetly no tinkering with the configure-file itself is
    possible - the changes have to be added to configure.in

    Btw, I can't see why an undefined reference to an -lm
    function can cause a zlib problem?

    Anyway, if -lm isn't anywhere to be found in configure.in,
    it's a bug and I'll try to fix it :)

    Thanks for the bug report

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This bug is still there in 0.2.2, i'm running a slackware 10.2.

    I hope this will get fixed some day. Up to now for every
    release i had (and still have) to dig this bug report to be
    able to compile xmoto :(

    If more info is needed just ask (albeu(at)free(dot)fr).



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