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0.4 DrKosmos

11th of November 1997 was a great day. This was the day when the first
public release of X11Amp (later renamed to XMMS) was made. Now ten
years later we celebrate this with a release of XMMS2.

XMMS2 0.4 DrKosmos contains the new official XMMS2 logo, a few new
plugins such as a PulseAudio output plugin and lots of bugfixes. Hope
you will have as much fun downloading, compiling and using it as we had
making it.... read more

Posted by Anders Waldenborg 2007-11-15

XMMS2 0.2 DrJekyll

Hello all music lovers. Another release of XMMS2 is now available. This has been one of the longest release periods in the history of XMMS2. A lot of big changes has been merged, including the long awaited Collections API. We have also switched to a new build-system. The XMMS2 Team would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all who have helped out with this release, a lot of bug testing and bug fixing by new faces has been seen. Hope to you all around for the next release!

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2007-05-20

XMMS2 0.2 DrHouse

DrHouse has left the building. Download this almost perfect release.

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2006-12-02

XMMS2 0.2 DrGonzo

This is a live broadcast from the XMMS2 Team! We are releasing a new Developer Release to the wild. This one is dubbed DrGonzo and includes a heap of new exciting bugs (a.k.a. features). This is the first release of XMMS2 that contains code sponsored by Google Summer of Code. Download at the usual places over at sourceforge and read the full release notes here.

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2006-09-26

XMMS2 0.2 DrFeelgood

DrFeelgood is a fast bugfix release to DrEvil. Nothing fancy, but upgrade if you want to get rid of annoying bugs.

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2006-07-15

XMMS2 0.2 DrEvil

We have a new release out. Go fetch.!

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2006-07-06

XMMS2 0.2 DrDolittle

Holy handgranates! It's release time again! Much earlier than expected and much cooler than the critics claim! XMMS2 Team announces Dr. Doolittle. This release is forged by the wormholes of Stargate, Swedish schlager music, Chilean beaches and a lament for a loved one. DrDoolittle is a minor-feature-addition and bug-fix release instead of the expected major-break-the-world release. We decided that enough critical fixes and small features were available to make a release. You can watch the new Roadmap in order to see what's going on with future releases.... read more

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2006-03-27

XMMS2 0.2 DrCox

Good news everyone. New release from the XMMS2 Team. DrCox is a bugfix / regression release which focuses on stability and some smaller feature enhancements. All users are recommended to upgrade to DrCox. The XMMS2 community is still growing with new users and contributors, just like any opensource project your involvment is necessary to bring the project forward. Please join us on IRC or our Maillist to participate. A heartwarm thanks goes out to all contributors, hang-arounds and fans. Next release is DrDoolittle which (despite the name) probably going to include some big changes.

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2006-02-21

XMMS2 0.2 DrBombay

Friday 13:th is a good day for a release. XMMS2 0.2 DrBombay was just released! It is a bugfix release for DrAlban, and fixes a few annoyances. Source is available for download from sourceforce (http://sf.net/projects/xmms2).

Posted by Anders Waldenborg 2006-01-13

XMMS2 0.2 DrAlban

Hello XMMS2, tell me how you're doing!

Good news everyone! XMMS2 0.2 DrAlban was just released! Long overdue and not really following our release often, release early scheme. To make up for this we have tons of features. Please visit the release page to get more information. Source is available at sourceforce (http://sf.net/projects/xmms2) as usual.

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2005-12-18

Developer Release 2.2

More good news everyone! The XMMS2 Team is releasing another bugfix
release of the current Developer Release (DR2) called DR2.2.

Some outstanding issues have forced us to release another maintenance
release in the DR2 series instead of making a DR3 release, including the fixing
of a couple of huge memory leaks. Another annoying bug is that XMMS2
doesn't work at all with newer SQLite (3.2.5 and higher) releases because of a
policy change; we were misusing the API and they made such usage fail with a
hard error. This has not been fixed in this maintenance release since it is a
major change to our internal API. It will be fixed in the upcoming DR3 release.

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2005-09-06

Developer Release 2

Here you go guys! New developer release! Please test and contribute!

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2005-08-04

Developer Release 1.1

Since DR1 we have fixed over 20 bugs. Here is some of the outstanding issues we corrected:
Tobias Rundstrm <tru@xmms.org>
Fixed a bug that generated wrong contents of the pkg-config files.
Fix bug #173, shuffle problems with playlist
Fix bug #179, don't move entries outside the playlist.
Initialize playlist and plugins in the right order. Could cause memory violation in rare cases.
Added some new commands to the CLI client.... read more

Posted by Tobias Rundström 2005-06-01

Developer Release 1

After over two years of development, the XMMS Team releases the first preview of the next generation XMMS. XMMS2 is a complete rewrite of the XMMS codebase and has been focusing on portability, code separation and stability. An advanced feature of XMMS2 is that the music player process runs separately from the user interface in a client/server model. This simplifies the process of creating alternate user interfaces and allow interface developers to concentrate on designing the interface for their special need and not having to care about the music playing part.... read more

Posted by Anders Waldenborg 2005-05-21

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