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Development ceased

Now that xmms2 is usable development on the xmms-jack plugin has ceased. xmms2 has a native jack output plugin and was designed with callback based low latency audio systems, like jack, in mind.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2009-01-17

xmms-jack has XMMS2 support!!!!!

After a handful of hours of hacking I've got the xmms-jack plugin working under xmms2. Should have the first batch of changes in soon so expect full xmms2 support well before xmms2 is officially released.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2004-03-12

v0.7 released

Big improvements in this release: Resampling and persistent connections.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2004-01-20

v0.6 Available

Should be quite usable now after fixing the pause at the end of some mp3s bug.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2003-12-02

New driver available

New driver available, loads of fixes and compatible with the latest release of jack.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2003-11-25

Uploaded 2003/01/11 release

Uploaded the latest release version.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2003-01-11