#32 Export database to individual NFO files


Export database to individual NFO files (using XML string language) for each movie (and TV-episode). Many HTPC applications today scans the .nfo file you get when you download DivX/XviD or ISO/IMG movies, it foremost scans it for an IMDb URL but more advanced applications (like XBMC) also scans the NFO file for additional XML strings such as year, plot, cast, etc.

It would be great if MeD's Movie Manager could have an option to export the entire movie database to individual NFO files, one for each movie, names the same as the movie file. It would also be very nice if it exported the movie cover (porter art) JPG file with the extension renamed to TBN (which is a open standard that HTPC applications such as XBMC and MediaPortal uses). TV-shows are similar but they uses a folder.jpg image to make the HTPC application display that picture for the folder (but think .tbn for the video files if thumbnails exist for each episode).

Here is how each NFO file should be structured in XML:

For movies example:

\My Movies\Batman.avi
\My Movies\Batman.nfo
\My Movies\Batman.tbn
\My Movies\Pulp_Fiction.avi
\My Movies\Pulp_Fiction.nfo
\My Movies\Pulp_Fiction.tbn
\My Movies\X-men.avi
\My Movies\X-men.nfo
\My Movies\X-men.tbn

For TV-series example:

\My TV shows\24\folder.jpg
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\folder.jpg
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\24 - S01E01.avi
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\24 - S01E01.nfo
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\24 - S01E01.tbn
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\24 - S01E02.avi
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\24 - S01E02.nfo
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\24 - S01E02.tbn
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\24 - S01E03.avi
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\24 - S01E03.nfo
\My TV shows\24\Season 1\24 - S01E03.tbn
\My TV shows\Friends\folder.jpg
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\folder.jpg
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\Friends - S01E01.avi
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\Friends - S01E01.nfo
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\Friends - S01E01.tbn
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\Friends - S01E02.avi
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\Friends - S01E02.nfo
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\Friends - S01E02.tbn
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\Friends - S01E03.avi
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\Friends - S01E03.nfo
\My TV shows\Friends\Season 1\Friends - S01E03.tbn

Here is a very basic but similar tool written in C#
You select your main movies folder, then select an individual movie folder. Hit Run IMDb on File, reach the correct movie in imdb.com, then hit Use IMDb to write NFO file. The selection moves on one and you can just keep hitting Run and Use and hopefully get through your movies fairly quickly.


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