UI question in "Add Multiple Movies"

  • Matthias Ihmig

    Matthias Ihmig - 2007-05-01

    Is there a case when we need the "OK" button in this dialog?
    If not, I vote for taking it out and just leave "Add movies" and "Cancel".


    • Bro

      Bro - 2007-05-01

      It's supposed to save the changes done to the options.
      The different options aren't actually saved now, but this should be added.

      Really no need for it?


      • Matthias Ihmig

        Matthias Ihmig - 2007-05-01

        Saving the "Clean search string" options is a good idea. I suppose, when I'm later using xmm, I mostly add a new cd/dvd with movies through "Add multiple Movies", so using the previous settings would come in handy.

        But still, I don't think I would need an "OK" & "Add movies" button..
        What about a "Add movies" and "Close" button and save set settings in any case?



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