Dan - 2010-01-17

I've been searching and trying many movie databases but all of them crashed for one reason or another, so that  I couldn't use them anymore. And they were all shareware! I'm very happy I finally found a simple and freeware program, which is MeD's Movie Manager. But nothing is perfect, that's why I want to make you some suggestions to make things go better. Here they are:
- I organize my big collection by giving a number to every DVD. I put this number in MM as movie location. Very often I search for a particular DVD according to this number. That's why it would be of a great help if this number (location) appears on the main window.
- It would be equally helpful if you could diversify the ways the program selects the movies. Sorting the movies by their location, by their director, writer, or by the playing actors etc. would be great.
- At the bottom right of the main window there's an area called "Notes". I tried to write in it  "borrowed to…", but the cover image disappeared, and I had to download it back manually. That's why an option for marking the borrowed movies  would be equally of a great help.
These are my suggestions. Enhancements like this would transform MeD's Movie Management in one of the best movie organizers that currently exist.