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  • Olivier Gheysen

    Olivier Gheysen - 2007-06-21


    I'll be compiling a few new reports for MMM but I'm not sure of what features ppl want.
    If there is one you'd like to see, drop a line here.


    • Matthias Ihmig

      Matthias Ihmig - 2007-06-21

      That's great! Though difficult to say what people want in general. Not sure there is an answer :-)

      But: If I were you I'd start thinking of "what do I want to have in the reports", like "what are the use cases in which I would use the reports instead of the database" (such as: look up on PDA/cell phone, or put online as static web site to look it up when I'm with friends, etc)

      And then just create the reports you would use for yourself. If you actually use them, I'm pretty sure, there are other people around who find them useful as well.



    • christian kündig

      From a developers point of view, i (not speaking for the dev-team) think it would be great to have html export in the reports :) (so we can use advanced filtering and unicode)

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Last Viewed
      - movies not seen in past six mos
      - movies not watched more than once (the ones you'd like to pawn off or sell)
      - a wish list (movies not owned but would like to)

      Inventory wise like some way of organizing large collections and putting back in order. (personally mine are a mess and are not going to be alphabetically).  labeling them 0001 to 9999 would be easy.

      • Bro

        Bro - 2007-07-31


        This is meant for requesting reports for the report tool.

        Your requests are more like feature requests ;-)
        They aren't possible to integrate into a report with the current version.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      A simple text list of 'selected' movies.  Title only would be fine.

      Could simply re-import the text list if your DB needs rebuilding
      from scratch etc etc...  :)

    • samhill5215

      samhill5215 - 2007-09-08

      Here's a handy one (for me at least), a disc cover. I currently compile mine with Word out of the info on the IMDB page as follows:

      Title with date (bold and larger than rest)
      (blank line)
      (blank line)
      Country, Language
      Color, Aspect ratio, Sound Mix

      The whole thing is formatted on a 5"x5" page with .5" margins all the way around except for the top at .7". Everything is centered. This page fits perfectly in a disc envelope with the text visible through the round window.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is it possible to have a report of the movie actor aphabetical with all the movies in the data base he or she is in?

    Thanks, great program.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How about a "Movie List Covers Description" (or any other report for that matter) that is organized by genre?

  • SirJ

    SirJ - 2010-02-17

    Really great progam:)

    I would like to see a report generator page for that would just print out the title on one line and the comments under it'
    As I would like to use that for taking with me when I go buying DVDs.

    BTW a program like this for basball cards would be really cool

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Can we have a report page like the Movielist Genre Plot
    but add Comments
    Movielist Genre Plot Comments

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    A correction on my two above post where I said comments I meant Notes

  • David Graham

    David Graham - 2010-03-28

    Running time is key when choosing movies for me.  Far more important, I'd say, that whatever the film was called in other countries. ;)  In any case, it would be almost perfect if running times were put in the reports.

    Thanks for your hard work.  This is the best movie manager that I've found so far!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i'm new user.

    i use MMM for my downloaded movies. now i would like a simple report for me to copy and paste to Facebook / Info / Movie.

    thank you


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