Reports are broken

  • samhill5215

    samhill5215 - 2012-09-13

    Well, not exactly. As distributed the reports will work. However if a report file (ext jasper) were recompiled without any changes with ireport (currently version 4.5.1) it will no longer work. Resaving the xml file (ext jrxml) without any changes under the same name shows no differences with the distribution files. A file comparison between the jasper files however shows many differences. I've looked for differences in the report and field properties in ireport and can't see any. A starting point would be to find out the ireport version used for the distribution reports to verify they can be recompiled without breaking. Does anyone know that? Any other ideas?

  • Bro

    Bro - 2012-09-17

    The whole report generator is a bit broken to be honest. Either there is a bad bug in the iReport software or the reports are created the wrong way. The problem is that when there is too much information, the generator (during generation in MMM) may hang if the field is supposed to overflow. (i.e. expand). I never found out how to fix is properly, so I had to remove the overflow on many of the fields. This is quite some time ago.

    If you use the latest version of iReport to generate the reports, you will also have to update the jar library to match that version.
    So if you use iReports v4.7.0, you'll have to replace the current jasperreports jar file with this one:


  • samhill5215

    samhill5215 - 2012-09-18

    Thanks Bro, that did it. The current jar in the med folder was 3.7.1. I had to rename the 4.7.0 jar to 3.7.1 for the report module to even work but the new reports now work.

    Another question: Is there any way for the report generator to obtain its data set from a query defined in the report?


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