Title in movie list changes after Edit/Save

  • Andreas Argyriou

    When I press the Edit movie button, make some changes and save & close, the movie title in the movie list on the left panel changes and shows the title of another movie in the list. For example I have edited "Annie Hall" and the title changes to "All that Jazz". If I exit the application and start it again, the correct title appears.
    I am running on Windows and use HSQL database. The number of titles stored is 824.
    Please advise.

    Many thanks,

  • Bro

    Bro - 2012-10-12


    I've encountered this myself a few times, but I haven't been able to reproduce it. Without reproducing it's hard to fix ;-|

    I presume it will reload the title correctly if you simply reload the list, or do a search (empty or not).

    Does it happen all the time for all titles?


  • Andreas Argyriou

    It's not reproducible at will and doesn't happen all the time. It has been there since a couple of versions back but unfortunately I cannot remember on which version it appeared. But maybe it's not version-related and is volume-related (I mean number of titles stored). It's hard to tell.
    I will try to check for any common characteristics when it happens again and will keep you posted. By the way, I have disabled icons from the movie list.
    Thanks for the support, you are doing a great job.

  • Andreas Argyriou

    Maybe this will help: The title changes to the first title which is visible on the left panel.

    Thanks again,

  • Bro

    Bro - 2012-10-15

    Have you changed the Look and Feel? That might affect this issue.


  • Andreas Argyriou

    I have changed it. I don't remember the initial setting so I can set it back to that.


  • Did vicious

    Did vicious - 2012-12-22

    I have the same problem (with a HSQL database of only 10 movies!), and this occurs often, with any movie item.

    At the same time, but I don't know if this is linked, I often get the error:
    "An error occured when trying to save cover file.
    Failed to delete old cover file:C:\perso\video-cinema\db\Covers\0064177.jpg" (for example)

    I don't know why it tries to delete the old cover file (when I don't get info from imdb) and why it fails to delete (since this file exists and is not write-protected).
    See occurs when I save and close, whenever I get the info from imdb or not.
    After the error message, the cover thumbnail disappears from the list, and sometimes, the movie title is replaced with the first movie title.

    The look and feel is "A touch of blue" (but I don't see the link with this kind of error)

    I have downloaded and installed this software yesterday, and I am a bit frustrated (even if it is free) to have such errors with so few items.


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