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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is it possible to customize the data contained in the report? And to add a link to imdb, like when you click the picture?

    thanks, mmm is great.

    • Bro

      Bro - 2007-02-06


      Unfortunately this is not too easy.

      You'll actually have to create a new Jasper Reports file using something like iReport (

      If you need more help on this you can ask olba2 (


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks, I'm using iReport. This app is great. While it is not simple, it is not too hard to generate reports exactly the way I want them. While iReport is free, its documentation/ help files are like $50. But I find that the examples included in the jasperreports-1.3.0-project file are excelent.


    • Bro

      Bro - 2007-02-08

      Thats cool!

      Would you mind creating some reports wich I can add to the release?


      • Olivier Gheysen

        Olivier Gheysen - 2007-06-17

        I'd be happy to create reports to include in future releases.
        contact me here or on

        • Bro

          Bro - 2007-06-17


          Thats great!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    To track movies that I haven't seen I have been using the movielist genre plot report. While it serves the purpose I would love to see the movie cover as well. The only other option is the movielist covers description but the result is far too many pages.

    I tried to take a look at the iReport but recognize that it is beyond my skill set so take my hat off to you and humbly ask if you could make this modification?

  • Robert Lafayette

    Is it possible to add a feature to the list generator showing  the movie 'number'? 

    What I mean is, when I enter a movie from my collection, it is automatically listed alphabetically, and I would like a number associated with that movie. 

    I prefer keeping a list by number.

    My filing system works better if I file the DVD by number rather than alphabetically, 

    For example, the newest movie I entered is in reality, DVD number 134, of 134 but alphabetically may be  "A Star is Born", showing early on in the list.

    I hope my request is clear, and if there is a was to associate the DVD number (when it was added to the list) with the alphabetical already, please advise.

    Am a newby and thus not sure of all the features yet.

  • ashi

    ashi - 2011-01-18

    Thats a wonderful idea rjl24 , if it can be implemented, Believe me I have been thinking how can I make things easy for myself if I want to find a movie in my  collection, having 4000 plus titles spread over …..2000 -? discs (have lost count :), some full DVDs, some rips, some with song albums. It takes ages to find any title, so with the numbering I can always mark the number on the CD cover/envelope  accordingly as it is entered in MeD.

    Oh bro… when yu give this a thought, pls see if the present DATA we have, if that can auto convert numerically if and when this added feature is added. For eg my  4000 titles will get a auto number  with the new update. Thx a lot


  • Robert Lafayette

    I found this freeware that does exactly what I need: EMDB movie listings.

    Review and download located at:

    Reviews are good and I have found it to be even easier to use the other listing softwares.  Kudos to its developers.

  • ashi

    ashi - 2011-01-19

    Thx a lot rjl24 for the wonderful tip,  wil def try out,cheers

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    You can add numbers to MeD by doing the following :
    1 Select Database then select Additional Info Fields
      2 At the bottom in Add New Field  type  Number     click on add
    3. Go to each movie and click on  Edit Movie   (Alt E)
    4. Under Additional Info change the field to Number
    5. type in the value or  number you want for that movie.
    6. Select Save and Close

    Then to print out the numbers go to   File  Export     CSV    add a file name such as MovieNumber.txt   and click on Export
    Now right click on the Blue field and select Movie Info   Title    
    then right click on next blue field and select   Extra fields   Number


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