samhill5215 - 2012-03-16

If you ever wanted to be able to cross-reference titles, directors, writers, cast and genres you might find my latest creation helpful. It's all done through your browser with three php files. When you first invoke medsearch the entire db will be listed with each title linked to its med entry. Clicking it will bring up meddetail with all cast members, directors, writers and genres as links. Clicking on them will invoke medsearch again but this time only the movies by that particular cast member, director, etc will be listed. Two things are required: your db must be of the mysql variant and you must have php installed (I have php 5 but earlier version might work). The package consists of three files: medsearch.php, meddetail.php and login.php where your mysql connection parameters are specified. Put everything in your webserver base folder and it should work. If you're interested respond to this message with an email where I can send the files.