#16 Second braces appear to be ignored


It appears that when I use braces defining an element,
only the first set of braces are evaluated - the second
set is taken as a literal string. For example, the XSL:

<a href="{script}?action=foo&amp;id={id}">[Link]</a>

Will be transformed to:

<a href="mycode.pl?action=foo&amp;id={id}">[Link]</a>

I have tried multiple variations on this, including
duplicating the statements in the braces - in all cases
the first set of braces seem to "do the right thing"
while the second set does nothing.

I have transformed the XML/XSL with Mozilla and IE -
both produce the desired result of:

<a href="mycode.pl?action=foo&amp;id=510">[Link]</a>

I am pretty new to XML/XSL, so please forgive me if
this is not a bug (or if Mozilla/IE are just extra
forgiving about something I am doing incorrectly with
my XML/XSL).


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I've had a problem where this works:
    <a href="{$foo}http://asdfasdf">
    and this works:
    <a href="h{$foo}ttp://asdfasdf">
    but this fails:
    <a href="ht{$foo}tp://asdfasdf">
    and naturally having it down at the end of the URL where I
    want it fails as well. If the bug was actually "fails if
    it's near the front" that would explain my problem and the

  • Jonathan Stowe

    Jonathan Stowe - 2005-12-15
    • status: open --> closed

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