XMLUnit: for .NET 0.4 Released

XMLUnit extends JUnit and NUnit to enable unit testing of XML. It compares a control XML document to a test document or the result of a transformation, validates documents, and compares the results of XPath expressions.

This is a maintenance release of XMLUnit for .NET which fixes a few
bugs, in particular:

- order of attributes is ignored, this means there will never be a
difference of type 4 anymore.

A new flag in DifferenceConfiguration can be used to turn on the old
behavior where attribute order was significant.

- xmlns attributes are now no longer treated as normal attributes and
the namespace of attributes is now sigificant

- comparisions of empty elements with attributes failed.
I.e. <foo><bar x="1"/></foo> was considered different from
<foo><bar x="1"></bar></foo>

The binary in this release has been compiled against NUnit 2.4.8, if
you are using a different version of NUnit you will need to compile
XMLUnit yourself.

This is expected to be the last XMLUnit release compatible with .NET
1.1, we plan to develop XMLUnit2 for .NET and java in parallel and
XMLUnit2 will require .NET 2.0 (or later).

Please verify the checksums and signature available from
http://xmlunit.sourceforge.net/checksums/ after you've downloaded the

Posted by Stefan Bodewig 2009-04-30

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