#69 tv_grab_nl is not working

Eric Bus
tv_grab_nl (7)

Just tried to get tv_grab_nl working and it failed. With
the command xmltv tv_grab_nl --configure it is reported
back' "could not fetch http://www.tvgids.nl"

Tried it with V 0.5.24 and also with an older one

Johan de Wit



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Indeed it still doesn't work still.

    Try the tv_grab_nl_wolf. That still works although it has less

    I hope someone can find time soon to fix the tv_grab_nl

    Erwin Wester

  • Ed Avis

    Ed Avis - 2004-01-01
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  • Ed Avis

    Ed Avis - 2004-01-01

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    Hmm. There were some problems with tv_grab_nl at the end of
    2003 but they were logic errors rather than failure to grab
    pages. The grabber works for me at the moment. Are you
    unable to run any of the xmltv grabbers or is it just
    tv_grab_nl that doesn't work?

  • Erwin de Beus

    Erwin de Beus - 2004-01-01

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    I can confirm the bug. I just downloaded xmltv and installed it on a
    SuSE 9.0 system and the same error occurs with tv_grab_nl. I am now
    using tv_grab_nl_wolf, which seems to work ok, but seems to have no
    descriptions of programs.

    Maybe the bug with tv_grab_nl only occurs when creating the

    Erwin de Beus

  • Ed Avis

    Ed Avis - 2004-01-23

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    I am able to run tv_grab_nl successfully in both
    configuration and grabbing mode. Does the failure to
    download the page still occur?

    I expect that if there really is a problem fetching the page
    at your site, there's not a lot we can do about it.

  • sander

    sander - 2004-02-09

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    I have more or less the same problem. A little over a week
    ago, both tv_grab_nl and tv_grab_nl_wolf were working fine.
    Now, they both stopped working.
    tv_grab_nl says : "could not fetch http://www.tvgids.nl"
    tv_grab_nl_wolf says: "downloading listings:
    http://wolf.xs4all.nl/xmltv//tv-20040209.xml: failed to
    download, skipping at /PerlApp/XMLTV/Grab_XML.pm line 240."
    in my browser, www.tvgids.nl works, and i also downloaded all
    the xmltv files on wolf.xs4all.nl succesfully manually.

    Also, when i open up amsdos console i can succesfully ping
    both of the websites....

    is there maybe some way that i could direct the grabber to
    the manually downloaded xmltv files for parsing ?

    or do you have any other advice on making this thing work ?

  • Ed Avis

    Ed Avis - 2004-02-18

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    I tested tv_grab_nl again before the 0.5.29 release and
    didn't see a problem. But I know that pages can fail to
    download for mysterious reasons affecting some users and not

    When a page is mentioned in the error message, are you able
    to fetch it using wget? How about using 'wget --user-agent
    xmltv/0.5.29'? This will at least let us work out whether
    the User-Agent string causes a problem.

    If you have installed libwww-perl from source, you may have
    a program GET to fetch a web page using Perl. Please try
    that too if possible.

  • Ed Avis

    Ed Avis - 2004-02-18

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    As a random suggestion,
    <http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36341#c19> talks
    about a libwww-perl problem where the long form of your
    hostname needs to be in /etc/hosts. I don't know if this is
    related but it might be worth a look.

  • Ed Avis

    Ed Avis - 2004-04-04

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    Any update on this? As I mentioned, I am able to run the
    grabber successfully. Make sure you are on the latest version.

  • Peter Koeleman

    Peter Koeleman - 2004-05-24

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    In tv_grab_nl sub get_channels() on line 917 should be
    changed from
    my $url = 'http://www.tvgids.nl';
    my $url = 'http://www.tvgids.nl/index.html';

    All works fine then.

    The problem is that somewhere function get() from
    LWP::Simple is used. This function is not designed for
    reporting errors but my guess is that it cannot handle the
    header 'location: index.html' to continue downloading.

  • Robert Eden

    Robert Eden - 2005-05-09
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  • Eric Bus

    Eric Bus - 2005-05-10
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